To move from city to city we usually use ground transportation. Whether we go by bus or train, depends on which way is the cheapest. This varies from town to town and from country to county, so you’d just have to do the leg work and research.  We always result to walking when we get to our destination instead to taking a taxi, you see way more and stretch the travel bucks.

  1. (spain, Portugal, france) – can download app: we found that ALSA bus tickets were the cheapest option amongst other competitors especially in Spain. However, we’d buy tickets from their website directly.
  2. Train, bus, metro, subway, tram – used either of these to move within cities. Major cities especially in Portugal have a great public transportation system where you buy a card like the Viagem for Lisbon and you can use this card for metros, busses, trains, boats, and trams. You charge this card once for you desired zone, with a fixed daily rate, which is super cheap and use it for any of the above mentioned transportations. The card costs around 50 eurocents. A 24hr charge for lisbon for example costs 6 euros. Whereas a single oneway tram ride will cost you 2.75 euros.
  3. Blablacar – found it very useful especially in spain –can download app: This options has been a life saver in spain. At times it can be half the price of a bus ticket.
  4. Petite taxi (Morocco): In morocco everything is negotiable, though we found that the petit taxi is the cheapest option, but inform yourself first about the average charge for your city.

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