Can download app for all of these for better management

  1. Hostel World
  2. Hostel Bookers 
  3. Airbnb 
  5. Couch Surfing 



  1. Bus: (spain, Portugal, france) – can download app
  2. blablacar – found it very useful especially in spain –can download app
  3. petite taxi (morocco)
  4. Bus: Supra Tours (morocco, but also has international options throughout Europe also)
  5. Bus: CTM (morocco)


Helpful apps to check ground transportation throughout Europe

  1. goeuro
  2. skyscanner
  3. rome2rio
  4. wikitravel


Work Exchange

When on a budged, you may need to consider other options, for example instead of paying for hostels etc. These sites help you stay with a family and work for a few hours per day in exchange for lodging and meals.

  1. Woofing 
  2. Work Away
  3. HelpX
  4. Helpstay

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