We’ve come along ways since the days our parents checked 10 different hotels for the best rate while we sat frustrated in the back seat of the car. Its never been easier to find accommodations in even the most remote parts of the world.

We’ve been using these sites most of the time for finding accommodations:

  1. Hostel world:  www.hostelworld.com – Has a great mobile app.
  2. Hostel bookers:  hostelbookers.com –  Hostels are most economical for solo travelers, but remember they do charge per person (even if you rent private rooms).
  3. Airbnb:  airbnb.com – Usually the most cost effective method, especially when traveling as a couple.
  4. Booking.com – Use the filters to unlock the hostels and riads.
  5. Hotels.com – Not typical for budget travel, but we have found a few great deals, especially in low season.

All of these have an app for convenience and better management.

During our travels, we have discovered a few hostels and riads that slipped under the cyber radar. If you’re chasing the best deals and want to leave no stone left unturned, you may have to knock on a few doors like it’s 1994.

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